A Business-First Approach

Company challenges can often be traced to the underlying system or lack thereof. By defining the system and its processes at the appropriate levels, Quality Business Management Systems enables companies to use theirs toward greater control of quality, cost and delivery.

Having a more simple, functional, approachable system in place frees your company from the need for management by “whack-a-mole.” Position your business to keep your customers satisfied – even as they increase expectations – while you pursue new opportunities and attainable margin.

The Quality BMS Advantage

Quality BMS Founder Ken Place brings more than 25 years of quality management experience to the table, helping clients with all their implementation, auditing, training, and consulting needs. As a third-party contract auditor, he knows first hand what registrars are looking for. Ken also understands the importance of customized solutions, recognizing what works best for a small family-owned business is not the same system as one developed for a larger corporation.

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