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Effective BMS implementation is critical to getting the most out of complying with quality standards. Quality BMS’s custom training programs and courses give you the skills and knowledge needed to confidently take your business to the next level of operational excellence. 

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Develop the in-house skills needed to take the reins of your new business management system, reduce reliance on external consultants, and boost operational resilience. Through business metrics and internal audits  your system will tell you where process improvement is needed and what approach is most appropriate. We train your employees to confidently apply the right tools to the right situation.

Quality BMS trains your team by working through and applying case studies and other relevant examples to help them learn faster and implement process improvement more effectively. By ensuring the improvements and higher performance expectations are incorporated into your business management system you will avoid “flavor of the month” type initiatives and realize sustainable higher business performance.

Defining Your System

What is the No. 1 thing you need before you can do process improvement?

A truly defined process.

And what is the No. 1 thing you need before you can make lasting improvements to your quality management system?

A truly defined business management system that is measured and monitored regularly.

Thus, one of our desired prerequisites for proper training is a healthy business management system with defined processes. A core foundation is key, and a good system is critical when applying your new training tools to it. If you neglect to consider how these work together, ROI diminishes significantly.

Applying Lean & Six Sigma

Support your core foundation using Lean & Six Sigma tools.

Once you define your quality management system and processes, then you reach for Lean and Six Sigma and make your processes more efficient and effective.

Training subjects offered:

  1. Internal Auditing: To ensure your BMS is healthy and improving.

  2. Core Tools Training: To make the processes and BMS better from the start.

    1. APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning

    2. FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

    3. MSA: MEasurement Systems Analysis

    4. SPC: Statistical Process Control

    5. PPAP: Production Part Approval Process

  3. CA/Root Cause Analysis/ Problem Solving: To fix the processes and the BMS.

  4. Lean: To take the waste out of the processes of your BMS.

  5. Six Sigma: To reduce the variation in the processes of your BMS.

Our Approach

Our convenient, flexible scheduling allows you to choose when training sessions will be held and what works best for your team: a few consecutive days strung together or stretched over the course of a few weeks. We work at your pace.

As part of Quality BMS’s custom training, we carefully select exercises that reinforce skills. We encourage interactive class discussions to make sure no question is left unanswered. At Quality BMS, we strongly believe in a two-way dialogue as students learn from other students’ questions.