Why Quality BMS?

Choosing the right quality management consultant or project manager can be challenging, especially when trying to find a custom solution that fits your business’s unique needs—not just a standard package that’s shoehorned into your business. A small company of 10 employees is very different than a multinational corporation. Quality BMS understands these differences and has the experience to know what works best when designing and implementing a quality management system in compliance with industry standards, during transitions or system upgrades, or preparing companies for certification.

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We Go Beyond Compliance

Quality BMS does not target compliance. That is a given. We achieve compliance and define your system the way you want it to run so maintenance is simple and intuitive to you.

We pay special attention to the metrics of your process, too. Metrics drive behavior and we want the right metrics that will drive the right behavior. It may take a few rounds of regular management reviews to confirm we have the right metrics determined, but it’s worth its weight in gold. Once we have them, we minimize changes to them and apply process improvement tools to optimize their performance.

ISO Certification

With limited time, budget, resources, and experience with ISO standards, ISO certification can be especially challenging for smaller businesses. However, the need to get certified is quickly becoming the norm in many markets.

More and more competitors are advertising “ISO 9001 Certification” and customers are inquiring about your certification—or even requiring it. Our approach is different: We want you to see the true value and advantage of ISO 9001 certification: a way to improve business operations and anticipate growth. Certification goes far beyond checking off a box, it should trigger improved performance, which leads to more customer satisfaction, and strengthen your company as a whole.

Recertification Assistance

Maybe you’ve already been certified. Recertification can be even more difficult.

Did your company happen to crash and burn during a recertification audit? Did your registrar recently issue you major findings? A lot of minor findings? If you’re tired of barely squeaking by your audits and knowing your auditor was generous in his/her assessment, let Quality BMS help you address these situations and get your system functioning the way it was meant to.

As a third-party auditor, Quality BMS Founder Ken Place has the expertise to advise his clients of not only what an auditor looks for, but what makes a company perform better.

Service Options Available:

  • Full Implementation Support
  • Comprehensive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Management Review Facilitation
  • Current System Gap Analysis
  • Audits in English and Spanish
  • Remote and Onsite Consulting and/or Project Management