One Giant Step for Your Business

airplane in hangerAS9100 is the series of industry-recognized standards for quality assurance and risk management for companies that design, develop, produce, install, and service in the aerospace sector.

But, the AS9100 series, which is based on ISO 9001 standards, are changing. All organizations currently certified for AS9100 must transition by Sept. 14, 2018. Are you ready?

Exude confidence to your aerospace clients that your quality management system—your business management system—is certified by the appropriate accredited certification body and meets all the applicable Aerospace Quality Management System Standards of today—and tomorrow.

Benefits of AS9100

Minimizing Risk

AS9100 was out in front of ISO 9001 regarding risk. These requirements play a critical role in minimizing the risk of product or service error or failure—and the potentially catastrophic ramifications to business operations.

The Lifeblood of Your Business

Certification to AS9100 exemplifies that you employ an effective quality management system, a vital part in achieving the requirement to be a supplier in the aerospace industry.

OASIS Database Inclusion

AS9100 certification also means you will be included in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database with all other certified members, organizations, and auditors. Now you are seen as a trusted preferred industry supplier, which will win you new and continued business and open doors to growth opportunities.

Implementing AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

It’s time for you to secure your status among industry-leading aerospace companies with your own AS9100 system. Work with the Quality BMS team to design and build your quality/business management framework that complies with AS9100 standards and meets your business’s needs and objectives.

We recognize that the AS9100 series is used by an array of aerospace companies including manufacturing, maintenance, and distribution, which is why our packages are customized specifically for you business.

Whether you’re looking to implement a AS9100 quality management system or striving to take yours to the next level, Quality BMS has the training and consultation services to get you where you want to be.